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Garrote Components [Please Delete]

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Hey gang,

I want to change Garrote's cost from 2 to 1 and shave off the recovery a touch. Unfortunately I've had no luck finding the components. I looked through the default exported/design/gamedata ability and attack bundles for Garrote and have changed usagevalue 1 and the recovery ID to 3.0 seconds. It seems this is the NPC version of the ability as I've made a new bundle and nothing on my character is changing; also, I've changed these values in their respective bundles directly and nothing is happening. If anyone could help me find a solution, I'd appreciate it. IMO, Garrote is a fun ability but these penalties outweigh its usefulness.

Never mind. I'm a dumb dumb and my recovery ID notes were off. Please delete. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Edited by Ophiuchus
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