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[SPILERS] Possible to "go it alone" with Floating Hangman?

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So according to the Wiki, you have 5 ways to get to Ukaizo:

- do it yourself with upgraded ship

- trigger war between factions (huana)

- assassinate the queen (rauitai)

- blow up rauitai (VTC)

- floating hangman (principi)

Source: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/The_Coming_Storm

Now before I correct/add to this info on the wiki, I would like confirmation from y'all that what I claim is correct:

In my game I wanted the Estoc, Engoliero do Espirs, so I thought I'd take that quest chain to where you get it. Nearing the end, I started worrying from what I read online that I couldn't get it without siding with the principi, since all online sources name it at the end of this questline.

However, I have just tried this in game:

1. Kill Aeldys

2. Return to Furrante and get the quest update.

3. Go to see, summon the Floating Hangman

4. Defeat Lucia

5. Now you have the hangman and the estoc.

At this point, I just didn't return to Furrantes, and while I'm not done with the game, I tried sailing to Ukaizo to see what would happen. Sure enough, the game lets me sail through with the hangman and upon arrival, the quest updates saying I sailed there alone.

Can others confirm that you can do this and I haven't bugged out the game or sommat? If so the Wiki can be updated. Also, if this is possible, it might also be possible to go with other factions even after having secured the Hangman?

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