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Faster Casting Recover Time for an Average Dex Crusader

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Without increasing Dex or respeccing!  (Current build has 10 DEX) The goal in a build I am trying is to reduce the recover cast times on abilities like LoH, Sacred Immolation and  Glorious Beacon without having to dump my resolve, might or int.  Grabbing Two weapon style wont work because that is just for weapon attacks correct?  Armored Grace? What about mob stance? Does it reduce your recovery with just weapon attacks or also casting recovery?  Thanks!

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I'm not sure about Mob Stance but for recovery you could go with Armored Grace, a recovery pet (Epsilon, Nalvi, Abraham), and eat Beer-Battered Yyse[sp] or Mohora Wraps. The unique 2-hander Amra and unique plate armor Crimson Panoply both offer chances to proc Frenzy for 25% more Action Speed (the latter is late game, though).

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Mob Stance gives you higher action speed (includes attack animation time and recovery) universally - not just weapon attacks. Like Frenzy or Alacrity and Swift Strikes and so on do. Just keep in mind that a +x% bonus for action speed is less potent than a -x% bonus for action- or recovery time. Because... math. ;) 

Armored Grace will also work. And, as Ophiuchus said: some pets also reduce armor penalty and stack with Armored Grace - like Cutthroat Cosmo (you'll have it right from the start of the game) or Abraham.

Also there are some armors which will give you action speed bonuses: Devil of Caroc's Breastplate, Reckless Brigandine (stacks its engagement-based bonus with Mob Stance), The Bloody Links and whatnot. 

Taking Two Weapon Style only reduces your weapon recovery - but it may lead to a more flexible build nonetheless because you can react faster after attacking with a weapon. Don't know your subclasses, but as a Kind Wayfarer you usually want to use two weapons anyway because your FoD-healing will trigger twice then.

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