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Yes, I know that it's a level 19 skill. But since you'll reach the max level cap so fast in this game anyway, it doesn't really matter as you can use some other build and/or someone else.

Anyway, tagging @Boeroer as well since you're the originator of this idea.

So according to my search results here, below skills/items do work:

1. Blood Frenzy's crit proc

2. Spirit Frenzy's Staggered

3. Acina's Tricorn (so Ring of Marksman should work also, right?)

4. PL items, of course

What else? Any specific gear especially weapons that I should be picking up? Do lashes etc transfer, from chanter/pet's aura for example? How about weapon modals? Tenacious?

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Tricorn works, Ring doesn't.

Driving Roar also causes prone - so maybe the White Void Helmet with its +10 ACC to affliction attacks might work as well.

Obviously you want Bloodlust and Blood Thirst. 

Driving Roar targets fortitude, so you want to make sure to lower it with everything you can apply (staggered/dazed/sicken/weaken/Body Blows etc.).




Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Ok, finally got the opportunity to do proper testing with Driving Roar. Holy ****. That damage is unreal. I probably should just cut Maia & put in the Serafen & Konstanten combo.

1. Fire lash chant - no.

2. Zealous Aura - yes.

3. Might bonus - yes.

4. PL bonus - yes.

5. Kuaru's ring (5% spell damage) - no.

6. Baubles & Fin (% damage aura) - yes.

Also, I just realized that there are so few ways to boost spell damage, much less a non-spell ability like this, RIP.

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Stacking Power Level is good for this.

Also Driving Roar counts as power level 1 ability. So the base damage you see gets multiplied by 8*5% = 1.4 right when you reach PL9. Only because of the PL bonus. It raises base dmg - so MIG bonus and other additional stuff will be based on this increased damage.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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True. It is an ability which is rather independent from items. Also several of the Barbarian passives don't work with it (since no weapon attack and not melee).

A SC Barbarian with some PL boost can reach good numbers with Monastic Unarmed Training, also with Carnage. So one could do a build which doesn't rely on (lots of) special items as a general idea. 

Some items that might also work well with Driving Roar: Sash of Judgement (belt) and Precognition (amulet).

Besides Berserker Corpse Eater might have been nice for this (because Kith Meat Food can give you +2 PL) if only the cost of Driving Roar wouldn't be doubled. :(


Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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