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I purchased the base game from the Mac App Store and all is fine. I'd like to purchase some DLC, but the Obsidian site takes me to GOG.com and that site says I must purchase the base game from them to purchase DLC. How do I get DLC when I've purchased from the Mac App Store?

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You won’t be able to buy through GOG just DLCs as it is a different platform.

i don’t use mac much, especially not for games, but the Deadfire description reads “in-app purchases”. Isn’t there a way to buy DLC somewhere through game’s main menu? 

Thats how Civilization6 is set up on App Store if forums are to be believed. 

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On the Mac, DLC's are purchased within the App Store... so do a search for "Pillars of Eternity II"  - it takes you to the core app.  You can then see, "open" -- click that to find what you are looking for the MacPlay menu, i.e., "In-App Purchases", just under "Play". 

Sorry for the fuzzy image, I had to dumb this down to get small file size... showing a compendium of the core app and the MacPlay menu...1246511388_DLClocation.thumb.jpg.6858f45da314497e8464f6da6dcedcfb.jpg

Let us know how this goes...



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