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Hello folks,

I'm interested in your best and/or most fun party composition(s). Maybe even just one multiclass you had massive fun with.

Just write down your comp/class and why it was so good/fun to play for you.

Maybe someone is willing to share his/her experiences ?


Greetings Dyxx

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It was annoying to micro, but I had fun with a party where everybody but the tank was multiclass Assassin (the tank was multiclass Trickster instead).  I would trivialize many fights by starting from stealth, and having everybody use arquebuses and attack a single target with Devastating Blow (five of which back-to-back would generally kill any non-tank targets), then immediately Smoke Cloud (taking advantage of firearm reload-vs-recovery mechanics) to reset the fight.  Lather rinse repeat on all of the squishies on the other team, and then mop up the tanks via more conventional means at the end.

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