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Hello guys, I'm new to the game and coming from DnD games I don't really understand attributes in POE2.

I mean, I understand what they do, yes, but I don't understand how to make a build around them.

Since i'm a CRPG vet and avid theorycrafter, I made my research and started a playthough on POTD. So far, everything went smoothly, even if a few fights were too difficult at low levels (I just skipped them when possible).

Reaching Neketaka, my altitite kicked in and I decided to restart with a new character.

I want to make a tactician/priest of rymrgrand (with a mod) but I have no idea which attribute to prioritize except Perception and intelligence.

I see a lot of builds where people dump resolve and dexterity. Why is that?

Resolve gives more deflection (which if i understand correctly is like AC) and dexterity allows to act quicker right?

That seems important to me so I guess i'm missing something.

Could you please tell me how you would distribute attributes for this kind of character in POTD and why?

Also would you build it different for solo or party playthrough?



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The trick with RES is to know that high Deflection has increasing returns.  Which is another way of saying that there are decreasing disadvantages to lowering it.  If you're not building around absolutely maximized Deflection, you lose less by going from 10 down to 3 than you do with other stats.  So some folks dump it on anything that isn't a pure tank.  You can get mitigate defensive weaknesses via tactics, buffs, crowd control, etc., to get your defenses back to adequate levels. 

Dumping DEX is mostly a thing folks do in Turn-based mode, because poor initiative and stride can be worked around.  In Real Time, action speed is pretty important to everyone, apart from a few very niche builds. 

Anyhow, it depends on what you want to be doing with this character.  If you know what you're doing, averageish CON and low RES can get you by, even as a front-liner.  MIG and DEX both help out the stuff you do in combat in slightly different ways.  (DEX is somewhat better for auto-attack DPS and is nice for getting buffs up quickly; MIG does more for limited burst abilities (incl. healing) and in instances where you can skip recovery.)  Balancing between the 2 of them is perfectly appropriate if you don't have strong vision that pushes one way or another.

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