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  1. This is what i was talking about Never thought about switching to Modwyr after creating chillfogs with Gravecalling. I ll have to try it! And that necklace thing, I have to think about a good build for that, thanks Boeroer!
  2. Thanks guys, Yes you re right about the large amount of items you can build around but i didn't meant items like Casitas Samelias Legacy (good for an intimidate tank) or Deltro's cage for a shock build which are pretty straightforward. Maybe I should have asked for items that enable a certain build like you just did with Effigy's Husk, Effort and the mantle. This enables an awesome wizard build sending his kamikaze doubles
  3. Hello! I was fiddling around on the wiki, trying to find good items to build around. So far I found (it has prolly already been done) : https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Effigy's_Husk : with the aoe damage at death, while being a SC paladin, you can cast sacred immolation, die from the self inflicted damage, proc the aoe damage from Effigy's Husk and come back to life with either sacred sacrifice or providence. Haven't had the occasion to test it yet but looks like a fun kamikaze paladin build https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Nemnok's_Cloak : Berserker/streetfighter, get tankier and deadlier (blooded, streetfighter passives) as you take damage. Wreck faces, get BDD from cloak and when it is about to expire, disapear in a smoke bomb. Are there any other good items to build around ?
  4. I ve tried a few, Paladin + Wizard + ring of focused flame makes a really fun fiery martial caster. Grab all the fire and defensive spells, pretty tanky thanks to paladin so go in the middle of the enemies and cast your aoe spells, when you re out you still have FoD to finish the survivors. Fighter + wizard is pretty straightforward, cast defensive spells + citzal lance and proceed to clear out the most monsters. For druid I m playing a Barb/Fury which is amazing but since you don't like barbarians, I suggest Trickster/Shifter. I havent tried it but a mirrored werecat with deathblows should do wonders. Cast a few druid spells of your chosing, spiritshift and whack away. You ll be very tanky thanks to trickster spells and will do a lot of damage thanks to rogue passives.
  5. Body blows is the morning star modal right? Why is it so useful? Damn Boeroer you make me want to try so many builds/abilities ! Never had the occasion to thank you but I always read your posts with interest, thanks for being so helpful and friendly !
  6. And why? I really like minoletta precisely piercing burst ! I like the star shaped visual and the damage numbers which often goes beyond 100 on POTD. Another of my favourite is relentless storm, all these lightnings bolts coming down and stunning every enemy is amazing!
  7. Like I do using this mod : https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/175 What character would you do? What do you think are the most fun/cool/OP combinations?
  8. Hello, Not sure this is the right subforum. Anyway, is there any way to duplicate a character profile? I'm level 12 and would like to continue to use the same character but on 2 different playthroughs. I tried copying savegame files changing the character name but the new save was still under the same profile in the load game screen. Thanks
  9. Hello Stardusk! Are you still working on this? I love this mod and would like to try Magran and Skaen but they re not included in the latest version on the Nexus. And if you don't plan on finishing it, could you (or anyone looking at this) share an old version where every god is modified? Thanks a ton!
  10. This helps, thank you. I ll try a tank build with max res and another focused on damage where I dump res to see how both feels.
  11. Hello guys, I'm new to the game and coming from DnD games I don't really understand attributes in POE2. I mean, I understand what they do, yes, but I don't understand how to make a build around them. Since i'm a CRPG vet and avid theorycrafter, I made my research and started a playthough on POTD. So far, everything went smoothly, even if a few fights were too difficult at low levels (I just skipped them when possible). Reaching Neketaka, my altitite kicked in and I decided to restart with a new character. I want to make a tactician/priest of rymrgrand (with a mod) but I have no idea which attribute to prioritize except Perception and intelligence. I see a lot of builds where people dump resolve and dexterity. Why is that? Resolve gives more deflection (which if i understand correctly is like AC) and dexterity allows to act quicker right? That seems important to me so I guess i'm missing something. Could you please tell me how you would distribute attributes for this kind of character in POTD and why? Also would you build it different for solo or party playthrough? Thanks!
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