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Very specific performance-related question

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there's something that kind of bothers me a bit. Or at least puzzles. Deadfire generally performs quite well on my computer, but there's a very specific instance where it lags a lot. Just before my own summons appear on the screen, the game seems to hang and then stay hung for a while. It certainly doesn't feel like an intentional dramatic pause, simply because it's so long. Does everyone else seem to have this, too?

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20 minutes ago, Wormerine said:

Yup. After recent patches it runs ok for me, but summons stop action for about a second when game loads the model. 

It has always run ok for me, but this summons thing is peculiar. However, unlike the Stunning Blow bug that's really serious (see other thread), this is merely cosmetic. But it was curious enough for me to merit a question. Thanks for the reply!

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