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When the game launched last May, a small file was included with Deadfire that indicated that a first draft of the novella had been completed, and that the final version was expected by the end of May.

Seeing that May 2018 has long since passed, I suppose something must have gone wrong, but it is not clear what exactly occurred.  Back in October 2017, Obsidian announced that Richard Knaak would be writing the novella, and that they had a partnership with an app called Bound to publish the novella for users of mobile devices. Bound did launch an iOS app more than a year ago, and it has purchasable seasons of episodic audio fiction plus supporting multimedia content. However, Bound's app currently only has seven user reviews on the iOS App Store, and it looks like its most recent project was having 25 users vote to green light a new fiction project written by the founder of Bound.

So what happened? I can only guess regarding the terms of the deal Obsidian's management struck with Bound, but more likely than not the issue here has to deal with money, specifically the lack of it.  Given Bound's failure to gain considerable traction in the app market so far, it could be that the manuscript of the novella was completed, but the production of the supporting multimedia and/or the VO narration was stalled in production due to low revenue from the app.  Perhaps Bound is waiting to generate a certain amount of revenue before it can pay Knaak, or even possibly pay Obsidian, seeing as Bound is supposed to be the exclusive platform for the novella.  

All in all, unless Obsidian states otherwise, I do not think the prospects for the Deadfire novella being released look good.  

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Aarik D (Community Manager)02/20/2019

Hey @BeautifulBearInATutu The Novella is in the polishing stage and we're hoping to get a version for final review so we can hopefully release it soon




Dan (Marketing)Last Wednesday at 1:09 PM
@TedMosly  - it's done! Just not out. I've poked the publishers to see what's up. Thanks for the reminder.


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On 12/4/2019 at 5:26 PM, DozingDragon said:

Did I miss an announcement about this coming out? It looks like the story is on the “Bound” app. 

Is it actually on there, the full thing? I don't have iOS so I can't check. Seems like it might just be a teaser.

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