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Barely familiar with Pillars...

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I've only had Pillars since yesterday; but, I've spent hours on it...


I got the two expansion packs for White March and have a question...


I started a new game after I installed the expansion packs and it started in the same area as before the packs...


Is is right to assume that, as I work my way through the basic areas and villages, I'll eventually end up in White March territories...??

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Exactly. The White March becomes part of the main game and at some point you will become a hint that it's accessible now.


This is not a seperate expansion that takes place after the main quest. But it basically adds tons of side quest + areas, char levels, abilites, talents and items to the main game.

Good level for entering the while march is 8 (challenging) over 10 (good spot) to 12 (almost too easy). That's my personal experience though that I try to project onto new players. Don't pin me down on it. ;) Experienced players might want to do it earlier, "storytimers" might want to play it more easy. But I think a new player shouldn't tackle that area before lvl 8. 


You didn't need to start a new game by the way.


A tip: the expansion will also add a map called "Crägholt Bluffs". Geographically it's on the way to the White March. But it's a lot harder that WM and is supposed to be tackled after the expansion because it's very high level content. You will get warned by your steward who will tell you that's a very tough place and basically that you need to level up more - but most players tend to overread that. They then come here and complain that the Bluffs are so brutal. :)

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