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Game locks up, sound loops and I have to reboot the PC

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The game played without issue for several hours but once I reached Neketaka, the game began to lock up requiring a reboot.


When the crash occurs, my screen with either turn black or display vertical brown bars on a black background.  Game sounds will continue to play for a few seconds and then the sound will go into a high frequency loop that sounds almost like a buzz and my PC becomes wholly unresponsive, requiring a hard reboot.


Win 7


AMD Radeon R9 200 series  19.3.3 drivers

ASUS P9X79 Pro mobo


I ran GPU-Z and created a log file.  Looks like there's something weird going on with GPU memory usage.

I've tried lowering gfx settings to low and also lowering screen resolution/playing in windowed mode but the crashes persist.


Any ideas?



There is no crash log available.  I've attached the output_log.txt from the PoE2 data file.  I've also attached the GPU-Z log file and my dxdiag.






GPU-Z Sensor Log.txt


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I have been having the exact same issue. Played over 200 hours before this started occurring so no idea what has caused it to start. Have basically shelved the game until I can find a solution.

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