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The Eye of Wael - Illusive Spell: hits self when used on melee range enemy



Should I even be surprised anymore? Let me guess, someone's gonna come along and say it cast an "AOE" on target, I was within the 'red area' and it hit me too.
No, the spell description specifically states it applies the effect to the target you are attacking. "On Target" not 'in an area', not 'on everyone around the target and the target', "ON TARGET"

In case I'm wrong: Perhaps be clearer with the descriptions and then it perhaps wouldn't be left to interpretation


Stupidly testing enchant effects the only in-game way I was given.1qpp7NN.jpg


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What if you cast a Fireball on a target and stand right beside it? Did you cast it "not on the target but somehow on the target" then?


You shoot an enemy or npc or constructible (your "target") and have a 5% to cast a RANDOM Illusion spell on that target. Look up all Illusion spells and you can see that not many but some of them have friendly fire and an AoE. And if one of those spells gets cast on the target while you are too near you will get hit by the AoE of the spell - as if you had cast it on the target yourself. Where is the problem?


In this case the description is 100% accurate.


Come on, this is truly silly. Will this become an obsessive compulsive disorder now? Please focus on real bugs and issues. Did you really think that this warrants a post in the tech support forum? One which is waisting the time of those forum users who want to help players with real Deadfire problems...

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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