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[4.1.2] Barbarian thick-skinned not providing extra engagement



See below screenshot. I don't know if it was always broken like this or if it's a recent regression. I could swear that it worked before, I wonder if there's an interaction with the fighter's Hold the Line that is somehow not causing the effects to stack?




Dropbox link to save and output_log (OS X's player.log): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fd84b48gs45ee47/AAC-hEToJbwjxh21XOGzj_1Ja?dl=0


anyway I did confirm that it's not just a visual bug - in combat Rekke will only engage one foe, instead of the two I expect between Hold the Line and Thick-Skinned.

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                    "TriggerAdjustment": {
                        "TriggerOnEvent": "OnHealthPercentBelow",
                        "TriggerOffEvent": "OnHealthPercentAbove",

                        "ValidateWithAttackFilter": "false",
                        "ParamValue": 0.5,
                        "ValueAdjustment": -1,

                        "DurationAdjustment": 0,
                        "ResetTriggerOnEffectTimeout": "false",
                        "MaxTriggerCount": 1,
                        "IgnoreMaxTriggerCount": "false",
                        "RemoveEffectAtMax": "false",
                        "ChanceToTrigger": 1



Try with Health below 50% and see if this working. It's strange that this triggers is not reflected in effect description.

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That looks like Blooded. Are you sure it's the correct entry? Because the AR bonus of Thick Skinned totally works above 50% health.


Ooops, you're right. Initial value: 1, Below 50% Health a trigger -1.

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