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Nota : This multiclass need a mod for allowing MC to pick NPC subclass (chanter tekehu's one for this build)


Was wondering how viable this multiclass will be in POTD. Don't have a lot of time to test it but in paper it should not be that bad :


- weapon : Lord darrin voulge (+3 PL elec)

- armor : the +2 PL elec one (forget the name, sorry)

- race : nature godlike for +1Pl (and RP : nature godlike fit for a Stormgod

-> +6 base elec PL without pot


Chanter provide 3 renewable elec spell :

- Chain lighting (Pl6)

- Lightning (Pl3)

- Thrice was she wronged (Pl1)



Fury provide + 1pen elec (talent) and another +1 (or +2?) pen on druid's elementals spells.


Maybe not as damaging as the hellwalker/fury version but should still be great no? 


CON : no heal (except chanters but we are not using them), so pure damage dealer : Will it stay good along the game or will it fade quickly ?


any suggestion?

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It's plenty good - I play Tekehu as that fairly often and his Druid sub is not as good as Fury for damage. You might have a hard time actually finding the time to cast those Chanter Invocations, though. I definitely think Helwalker multi or single class Druid are mechanically stronger options but a Theurge is plenty capable of finishing the game on PotD.


Keep in mind LD Voulge is Storm PL, not electric. This is good for some things (Druids have some non electric storm spells, and varied damage is nice) but iirc the Chanter stuff doesn't get that tag.


As for healing, you'll want to max Might anyways, so your Chanter healing'll be actually pretty good. I'd consider another healer in the party but Fury Druids tend to make fights pretty short, so you probably won't need to worry about it.

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Lord Darrin's poleaxe gives + 3 Storm PL. It works on the druid spells because they have both Storm and Electricity tags. The chanter stuff do not. They will however benefit from the Deltro's Cage breastplate.

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