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[4.1.2] Head items permanently lose all stats



Since the latest version I have occasionally been encountering a strange bug where my head items lose all stats and become for all intents and purposes generic head items with unique names and flavor text. Even their value gets reduced to compensate.


It strikes seemingly at random. The first time I encountered it, I was playing the SSS DLC and it affected a piece of headgear from that DLC -- at that time I thought maybe it was a bug with the DLC. But now I've had it during my base game content.


For both runs, I have the Solo Magran's Fire challenge enabled on PotD difficulty.


I can't upload my save file because it exceeds the limit. Here's a Google Drive link to an affected save file:





Here's an image to give you an idea:





It doesn't exactly ruin my day, but I *am* running PotD solo and that's a perfectly good, best-in-slot +2 Intellect helm wasted... :)

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Yes still present in this version. I encountered this with 2 Helmets this playthrough. Helmet of the White Void and Heaven’s Cacophony. Makes me sad.



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