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Fire Immunity Enemies and Dragon's Dowry Bugged



Enemies with the Fire Immunity buff are also improperly immune to the piercing damage when shot by the Dragon's Dowry Arquebus.


I'm not talking about enemies with "Immune" as their listed amount of Fire armor, these enemies will still properly take the piercing damage. Enemies with the Fire Immunity buff are completely unaffected by shots with Dragon's Dowry, presumably because it does a small portion of its damage as fire.


When shot with the weapon a popup flashes that they are Immune, and the entire shot has no effect on them.


This is in v4.1.2.0047.

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Hey Error,


Thank you for the heads-up!  I'll get this one in and sent off to the Systems Design team for a review.  If you notice anything else, please let us know!


Thanks again for all the help and sorry for the inconvenience this is causing your build.

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As an update, this bug appears to be somewhat more prolific than I thought.


The "Flame Blight" summoned by "Belt of Magran's Chosen" also is Immune to the piercing damage from Dragon's Dowry, even though it only has "Immunity" for its Fire Armor stat, and no visible "Fire Immunity" buff.

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