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Xoti voice over and portrait gone.


So as I was questing in Dunnage, right after being jumped by a group of thugs, talking to Xoti got a bit weird. The conversation seems normal, but her portrait is missing in the dialogue box and no longer has a voice over. On top of that, when she speaks outside of the dialogue box, for example to Eder or Aloth, there is no sound and it shows that my character is speaking her words. Has anyone else encountered this?


It also seems as though I cannot interact with the Steward in my ship. Not sure if this has anything to do with Xoti, I just figured I'd mention it.

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Ok, well I feel a bit goofy now. I rebooted my laptop and now all is well. All I can say is that she had cast Iconic Projection at the very end of combat, leaving both of her hands lit up with blue fire and that's when the problem arose. But now she's back with a portrait and she's speaking for herself (:


Thanks for taking the time to hear me out. Should've just rebooted sooner!

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