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Watching the footage of The Outer Worlds that has been made available so far, I can't help but notice that a lot of the text is very tiny. Now, when playing close to a PC monitor, that is often not a problem, but there are a lot of situations where it might be (visual impairments, sitting away from a TV, etc.)


Other elements that also seem rather small include the icons for limb damage over enemies' heads, though that is more understandable, given that the developers probably don't want the UI to be too cluttered.


Obsidian has been good about providing options for font scaling recently, with both Pillars of Eternity games and Tyranny offering scaling up to 130% of the original size, but this game is developed by a different team and on different technology, so the presence of such an option is not a given. Any word form Obsidian about this?

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Good point, I remember losing my eyes on (the excellent) Expeditions : Viking for example because it did not offer this option (at the beginning).

There is also the option for colorblinders etc ... (J. Sawyer if you read).

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