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Looking for advice on choosing between multiclasses

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I'm finding myself stuck between 2 multiclasses and am hoping others might have some input. For the larger picture, I want to make a sort of retaliation tank that utilizes Stalker's Patience and Tuotilo's Palm and runs around ripping things to shreds.


I'm trying to choose between a Holy Slayer (Trickster/(Bleakwalker/Steel Garrote)) and Swashbuckler (Trickster/ Spear Devoted).


On the paladin end, bleakwalker and steel garrote sound like they have some nice roleplay flavor, and steel garrote would give itself a ton of sustain. I also like the massive passive boost to defenses as well as the auras and strong FOD nuke.


On the fighter side I'm attracted to the stances which give some help with aoe, armored grace for even faster attacks, and the bonus to penetration and crit damage from devoted. I'm not too worried about being devoted to pierce damage since I am also hitting with the shield.


Does anyone have any thoughts or has experimented between the two? I'm not sure how much more damage the devoted fighter would contribute over the paldin. I have a bit of restart- itis(I swear I'll make it past Hasongo this time) and I want to just lock in to one and finish my first playthrough.

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Hitting with the shield to circumvent pierce-immunity: you will be disappointed.


The base damage of Tuotilo's Palm is quite low. It will take forever to kill pierce-immune foes just with the Shield's bash damage.


You can still go Devoted with spear though because there is Kahua Hozi. It does pierce/slash damage and can be used as backup weapon.


Just be aware that there are a couple of pierce-immune enemies until you can get it. Maybe choosing Monastic Unarmed Training (works well with Tuotilo's Palm anyway) would be an option? You can easily retrain after getting that backup spear.


I played an Unbroken/Trickster as main tank for two playthroughs now and it works really well. Not necessarily as great damage dealer - but as a pretty good mixture of defense, offense and debuffs.

I'm using Mob Stance, Reckless Brigandine, Kapana Taga and Cadhu Scalth/Bronlar's Phalanx/Akola's Apex Ward though. So a bit less offensive. But it gives me very high attack speed when surrounded - given that I'm in fat armor and not using dual wieldig.


If you don't want to dwell on engagement mechanics too much I'd say Paladin/Trickster is nice.

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