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AFAIK there aren't any announced official plans for VR support. If you're able to stomach VR shooters, and play on PC, then you'll pretty much definitely be able to use VorpX to play in VR. That said, there will probably be some community effort put into something with a bit more to it than just playing an Unreal based shooter in VorpX. Given how many people have used UE4 for their own projects, this has the potential to become a fairly robust offering in time.


Obsidian and Private Division have been clear that their budget for the game is limited and they are focusing what they spend it on, making sure the core game is as good as they can make it. This almost definitely means that there won't be official VR support for The Outer Worlds at launch, it takes a ton of work to really make VR elements feel right and they very likely don't have anything to spare for this sort of niche improvement.


The things that tighten a shooter's gameplay and improve the feel of combat in pancake games don't necessarily contribute to those things feeling right in VR, so exactly how much work it may take to make the game have a proper risk/reward balance and e.g. make sure you don't have phobias/flaws that don't affect you in VR and equate to free perks (for ease of example let's say, if there was a flaw that slowed your run speed and a VR version lets you teleport thereby negating run speed modifiers entirely) or what have you. 


Now, how much of the game is 'future proofed' in regards to VR and a potential VR adaptation in the future is anyone's guess, but when the game comes out I'm sure a lot of VR communities will be interested in seeing just what they can do with it.

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