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Hey all,


Currently been looking throught all  the new subclasses and trying to decide if any would be worth a shot. I honestly only really like the look of preist of woedica and steel garrote. I also kinda like the sound of arcane archer but im not 100% sure on how it works.


Im trying to form a 5 party custom to play through all the dlc that has been released. Still tossing up on some things subclasses especially but here's what I have in mind so far.


Tank: Paladin (Shield Bearers) / Fighter (Unbroken) for massive engagement THICC boi


Dps 1: Monk (Hellwalker) / Priest (Woedica) for that sweet summoned weapons


Dps 2: Some kind of ranged dual pistol Monk (Hellwalker) / Paladin (Bleak?)


Dps 2: Monk (Hellwalker?) / Rouge (No subclass?) Pukestabber 


But that's where I get stuck. I'm thinking I need a heavy debuffer like a cipher and ofc a healer as I don't think my woedica priest can handle being a main healer aswell. So any advice you guys can give would be sweet. Please go easy on me, Thanks! :grin:

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Summonend Fists from Woedica don't scale with Transcendent Suffering anymore.


If you want a gun Monk I absolutely recommend single class Helwalker with dual mortars. It's the best. By far.


Shadowdancer (Monk/Rogue) is always nice.


Massive engagement (6 is the max when it comes to usefulness) can also be achieved with an Unbroken/Trickster. Very tanky but a lot more damage output than a Shieldbearer/Unbroken and debuffs passively via Persistent Distraction.


Beguiler is the current champion of debuffing. He can spam deception spells without the need for weapon attacks. Nice in combo with a Wizard (Miasma of Dull Mindedness).


Another great offtank/buffer/debuffer is a Fighter/Troubadour. Chant the weakening chant + Mith Fyr or Ancient Memory and use the Stunning Invocation + Ben Fidel's Neck and a Morning Star to lower enemies Fortitude to the ground. Helps your Wizard a lot.


Random thoughts... :)

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