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Monks should of got a defender type sub class

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All their sub classes seem you be too similar in that they aim at assisting damage and build wounds off hitting stuff.


Why not a sub class built towards promoting their defender description. Small bonus to deflection or status removal etc. Resolve bonus maybe eho knows.


At least balance it out some.

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Yes, I guess Forbidden Fist was supposed to fill that role since they neither have to receive nor to deal damage in order to gain wounds. Their wound mechanic motivates the player to raise RES and use stuff like Clarity oA and Crucible oS. Sadly in their current state they fulfill no role at all. I mean besides the comfy role of a shelf warmer... ;)

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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*Triggered due to Forbidden Fist*


Druggie monk can also be made a defender. High resolve, stash up on whiteleaf, eat food that heals. Boom, you have tanky with regeneration and free wounds!

Nerf Troubadour!

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