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Bug with AOE damage from enemies in turn-based mode

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If an enemy lays down an AOE damage(in this case, some Xaurip in Pahowane laid down Wicked Briars) then you kill them it will tick damage as if it was in RTwP mode after the caster dies.


I skimmed the bug reports and did not see this reported, apologies if it already has been.

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Hello Avoret,


Thank you so much for reporting this to us!  We did not have this in out system prior, so I don't think it was reported in the forums either.  Even if it had been, we are still appreciative of the effort made to help make Deadfire even better.  If you discover anything else about this AoE issue, please continue to post about it here as I will be linking this thread in the report to be used as a reference for the team during their investigation.


Thanks again for all the help Avoret!

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