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Provided one doesn't play devoted (and even in this case, you only get an accuracy malus), it is always possible to swap weapon to inflict the type of damage your target is the most vunerable to.

Elemental weapons being quite rare, it is interesting to know for each ennemy about the lowest of the 3 physical armor rating.

In my opinion, this information might be more relevant than the base armor value.


I wanted to figure which ennemy has the highest value for its lowest AR among Crush, Pierce and Slash.

So which value a (smart) physical attacker should aim to be sure to penetrate with (the right) weapon.


I expect it is one of the Megaboss. I'm trying to remind if there's something higher than them.


Belranga : 9 (11 in PotD)

9 Crush

15 Pierce

15 Slash


Dorudugan : 12 (14 in PotD)

12 Crush

16 Pierce

19 Slash


Hauani O Whe : 14 (16 in PotD)

14 Crush

14 Pierce

14 Slash

=> Probably the winner, but is vulnerable to 3 elemental types.

Belranga : 9 (11 in PotD)

9 Crush

15 Pierce

15 Slash

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