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Modifying Unity3D files: Is it possible and how to do it?

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I am attempting to improve Incarnates for the various deities, however their stats and abilities are contained within Unity3D files, specifically characters Unity3D. Is it possible to change them and if so, would they then be applied via the Override? Many thanks.

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Here is my guide on how to edit unity3d files. They do not work with override folder, but I doubt it will do you any good modifying those files. Most of the stats and abilities stuff was transferred to gamedatabundles, which work with override. The unity3d files contain mainly visual data.


The pined tutorials in this forum and the guides in the game's documentary folder will help you with gamedatabundles.

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It's not impossible but it's extremely difficult


I'm a member of a Mod-Dev site and some of our members are / were extremely interested in such topics


Sadly it appears we're reliant on Obsidian providing models


If you simply wanna play with GameDev that's fairly open can I suggest NeverWinter Nights?

We have requested an editor for POE2 but it appears this is impossible

OK Fair warning has been applied


I'm gonna move the domain to https://perspak.com early Feb but will keep all content


There are reasons behind this move which basically boil down to unifying my release schedule


My friends are welcome to play (I'll set you up your own areas if you desire them)


Please note that this process is messy so may take a few weeks 

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