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Very strange-looking grimoire (Bipara's), surely this is a bug?

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So I went into a cave, had a fairly difficult encounter and managed to beat everybody. One of the enemies, Bipara, left behind a grimoire. It's always interesting to check into these. But this time I'm confounded. When I open the grimoire, what is see is the attached image. Has to be a bug, surely? Is this what everybody else gets when they find this grimoire?


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You know what? I didn't even think to check that. So, I went and checked all of Aloth's grimoires from his inventory, including the one he's got equipped at the moment. They're all visually bugged in exactly the same way, showing only two spells, listed as level V but actually being level I.


I re-loaded my save, and they're all bugged. I loaded the oldest save I could find, from late December, and they're all visually bugged.


I never saw this before today. This would rather strongly point towards the patch 4.1 as the culprit, wouldn't it?

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