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UI (Action Speed modifiers on Inventory screen)



In REALTIME mode, a "Rabbit" of Initiative still show all Action Speed modifiers (including weapons modal):







Very handy, i say!

I suggest to leave it be, just simply rename it into "Action Speed" for REALTIME mode. Something like that:







What are you thinking about it, devs?

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I have not played turn based mode, but I see another issue in these images:

In most games higher initiative is better and higher speed is better.


But armor makes you slower and dex makes you faster.

Plus armor increases only recovery and reload time while dex influences everything (attack and casting time too).

In the thread about game mechanics we already discussed that everything should be normalized to be either duration (e.g. "each point dex reduces attack and recovery duration by 3%) or speed (e.g. armor reduces recovery speed by 35%).

Since the status screen and the description of items and abilities shows use, attack, casting, recovery and reload time in seconds, everything in this game should be shown as duration.

When there is duration for some descriptions and speed for others, it can be confusing to find out if +10% of something is good or bad.

The complicated formula for attack speed and also for damage does not make it easier. Thanks to double inversion the % numbers are hard to understand when you have several penalties or if you have bonusses or penalties at the same time. Adding numbers will give you false results unless you have only bonusses or you have exactly one penalty and no bonusses.


Anyway, I agree that it makes no sense to show initiative in rtwp mode.

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Oh, i forgot about these complicated things(

You are right. Anyway, it would be nice to see all modifiers summary or, if it's not possible, just remove this Rabbit from RTwP mode.


P.S. I wondering again about reasons for implemening so complicated math into the game. :getlost:

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Hello Phenomenum,


Thanks for posting! Would you be able to reload the images? It looks like theyre no longer loading on the forums site. If you'd like, you can message them to support.obsidian.net for easier viewing on our end.





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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