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Carnage of the Minions: Summons and Berserker and Old Seic Chant

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Here's an interesting idea:


Old Seic's chant gives back 12% of damage done as healing.  So the more damage you do, the more healing you get back.


Berserkers are confused, meaning that their attacks hit friend and foe.  They also get carnage, which also hits friend and foe if confused.  


So the idea is simple:


A party of 3 heralds and 2 Berserker/Monks (for Swift Flurry).


The heralds summon a crap ton of minions and use Old Seic and various other healing abilities.  


The berserkers hit enemies.  


As they hit enemies, they'll trigger Carnage.  


This carnage ALSO hits all of the minions.  


Berserkers never die as they heal from carnaging the minions.  Bonus points if one of the berserkers carry "Grave Caller."  

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The problem with this is that you have three heralds, and have thus trivialized the majority of the game.


I don't like to criticize single player gameplay styles... But I do not understand how this could make for an enjoyable playthrough.


(edited to eliminate unintentionally offensive phrasing)

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