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[CLASS BUILD] Savage Inquisitor (pure Solo PoTD Priest)

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Hi, everybody!


I want to present you my build of solo roleplay PoTD Skaen priest. It's inspired by @Boeroer's Schemer's Needler



This is my first solo PoTD run, and my first Class Build ever on forums.

Currently, I'm playing as Wild Orlan Skaen Priest (it's my huge mistake, I've ruined dispositional checks, got a multiple rerolls, but I've spent a lot of hours with it and do not want to start a new game). I did not finish the whole game, but gain level 16, closed WM1, did all bounties in Dyrwood, killed Sky and Alpine Dragons, Metzla bounty WM1. So I have no reasons to doubt that build can effective complete main questline.

An introduced character is being a reimagined improved version of what I have in my current playthrough. It's CORE feature is - roleplay. It based on newly added cool looking stuff, and have only those items, which I've obtained in my Orlan game.




Savage de Torqmad
Game version: PX1 PX2 PX4 - steam
Difficulty: PotD
Class: Priest
Race: Coastal Aumaua
Background: The White That Wends - Drifter
Base attributes:

MIG: 15
CON: 8
DEX: 18
PER: 18
INT: 15
RES: 3

Skills: Stealth/Lore/Mechanics

Towering Physique
Holy Radiance
Flick of the Wrist
Blooded Hunter
Song of the Heavens
Dungeon Delver
Gift from the Machine
Dozens Luck
The Merciless Hand
Hylea's Boon


  1. Stealth 1, Lore 2, Athletics 1, Mechs 1
  2. Fast Runner
  3. Stealth 4, Mechs 4
  4. Prey on the Weak,  Stealth 5
  5. Lore 4, Mechs 5
  6. Weapon Focus: Ruffian, Lore 6
  7. Pass
  8. Scion of Flame, Lore 8, Survival 1
  9. Skill Master: Holy Meditation / Prayer Against Fear 
  10. Deep Pockets, Lore 9, Survival 3
  11. Skill Master: Divine Mark
  12. Interdiction, Stealth 6, Mechs 6
  13. Skill master: Dire Blessing
  14. Painful Interdiction, Stealth 7, Mechs 7
  15. Skill Master: Triumph of the Crusaders
  16. Envenomed Strike, Stealth 8, Mechs 8


Must Have Service Items:
Gloves of Manipulation - wear every time while not in combat
Jack of Wide Waters to have tier 5 resting bonus (Fast Runner + Boots of Speed + Farmer's spread + Rest movement bonus gives you a chance to run out any problem and save time for buffs)
Weapon set 1: Dîal Ewn Dibita (Durgan reinforced, Superb, Corrosive lash), War Club of the Mataru soulbound
Weapon set 2: Any firearms (pistol or blunderbuss to slay Ogres and other Beasts)
Boots: Boots of Speed
Head: Executioner's Hood
Armor: Wayfarer's Hide (Crush-Proofed, Durgan Reinforced, of Perception)
Neck: Cape of the Cheat or Tax Collector's Mantle 
Belt: Belt of the Royal Deadfire Cannoneer soulbound
Rings: Ring of Protection, Ring of Deflection
Hands: Comtessa's Gage
Quick slots: potions, summon scarab, scrolls

It is impossible to start without good story
Beware, The Savage Comes!

    This story started a long time ago, so nobody living does not remember how Coastal Aumaua child appeared in The White That Wends. Little boy, far away from home in chilling frost desert, surrounded by arrogant Pale Elves grew in the atmosphere of violence and neverending fights, where life costs nothing. Aggressive environment caused physiological changes. The cold weakened body had no chance become as strong as usual Aumaua.  The need to survive among elves made him faster and more agile.
     Since childhood, he understood, that his further life is the long trailing path of the lone wolf. Friends and relatives are vulnerable points, benevolence and kindness are deadly dangerous same as aggression. Secretive watcher, who sees the clear goals and don't care of obstacles. To succeed he will lie, steal, blackmail or even kill. With the greatest pleasure.
    In adolescence, he joined the drifter gang. During endless journeys learned to pick locks and sneak. Became familiar with bad boys tools - cloak and dagger but always prefer cudgels rather then thin-blade stiletto toothpicks.    Same time another feature of future personality base was established.  He saw a man who used the power of the word to stop the angry crowd of peasants. Man's speech was so beautiful and astonishing that people were crying, and given him all their money by themselves. Since that day, the young man set a goal to learn reading and oratory. And he did it.
    He was seating on the campfire one day when the Old Man (who wasn't really too old, but they called him so because nobody knew the real name) has seated near and said, "My boy, your devotion and sharp mind will make you a great priest." "Nah!" he grunted in response, "I don't want to be a lovely god's sheep, like all that puritans we have met before," "My poor child," Old Man smiled conspiratorially, "What do you know about Skaen?" ...

As any good story, we have interlude, then Aumaua young man journey begins.
Then 4 key stages of character growth:
  1. Low level 1 -4, he is young and weak, shadows and lockpicks his best friends. The best battle is that not happend. Escape foes as much as it possible, gain expirience and items.

    Save Heodan, Kill everybody in Cilant Lîs, pick up all traps. Then go straight to Gilded Vale, on day 20 get Rymgrand's mantle in the Inn, explore territory, talk to Aufra, solve Windmill problem, talk to hanged gnome and you already level 3 and ready to visit Raedric hold. Stealth 4 + Fast Runner is enough to sneak around roof guard to the Kitchen, Inn rest bonus, gives you 5 mechs (need to see prison hidden stash)   


  2. Pre mid levels (4 - 8 ) Kill Maerwald, get Dial Ewn Dibita and buy war club of the Mataru, solve quests, feel free. At this stage, character ready to take a step out of the shadows and improve social skills. Also, as much as he hates cold as he loves snow walleys. Stalwart calls!

    Äru-Brekr with it +1 speed bonus will be the best option until you find boots of speed, Munacra Arret, Ring of Changing Heart - dominate and manipulate, make those fool humans kill themselves.


  3. The Rise of the Priest (8 - 12)  At level 8 You gain Shining Beacon and Scion of flame, you're using divine powers more frequent than brute force. Control and dominate. Scrolls of Paralyze and Confusion, potions.
  4. Face your doom (12+) Bounties are very interesting and bring the most experience this time. Prepare to face Skaen and serve his will, but before so much interesting. Dragons, Dungeons, Zealots, You get Hylea's boon to reach Lore 10. Maelstrom is pretty nice sometimes.
The much part of the story untold, but everything has its time.




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