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This might be worth posting in the technical support subforum.  It might have to do with Essential Phantom and Substantial Phantom creating summons that are flagged as "Join Team" rather than "Join Party," but I don't know the exact parameters that are flagged for the Tactician subclass bonuses and penalties.  

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Flanking like that (targets with big circle) doesn't get rid of the penalty, sadly.

In most fights I just flank with chillfog and if I reallly need to get rid of the penalty either summon level 4 phantom or tentacles right next to me.

The good thing is in a long fight once you got rid of the penalty it will stay gone for the rest of the fight, so if you summon right next to you, wait a little and then summon the proper flanking phantom you will not get the penalty again.


So in short, penalty only goes away if you have been very close to your ally at least for a few seconds while the ally engaged an enemy.

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