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Modding Patch Notes for v4.1.0.0023

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This is a list of changes from v4.1.0.0011 to v4.1.0.0023 that specifically affect modding the game. The patch notes for other changes to the game can be found here.
Check the documentation for more details on the functionality of added data properties.
Modding Patch Notes for v4.1.0.0023
Added turn-based ("tactical") mode data. The game automatically converts most data for turn-based mode. You only need to use these properties if the game doesn't automatically do what you want.

  • AttackBaseComponent.OverrideTacticalActionType
  • GenericAbilityComponent.DescriptionTactical
  • CharacterSubClassComponent.DescriptionTextTactical
  • GlossaryEntryComponent.DescriptionTextTactical
  • ItemComponent.DescriptionTextTactical
  • StatusEffectComponent.OverrideDescriptionStringTactical
  • AbilityDatabaseString.StringTactical
  • StatusEffectTypeData.TacticalString
  • Script conditionals: AvailableAction, AvailableMovement, IsCurrentActionType, IsInTacticalCombat, IsTacticalModeCurrenTurn [sic], IsTacticalModeEnabled
  • Scripts: AIForfeitAction, AIForfeitActionAny, AIForfeitMovement, AIUnlockTurn, PassTurn
  • Added StatusEffectComponent.InclusionConditions
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