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Missing Things in :/

Morten Anakin


Hi everyone! Today i've installed the game in version, and keep my savegames from before, but i've noticed that some things are missing in menus, descriptions, items, etc.. The game became unplayable :/ I upload a capture from the game, so you can see it. Sory for my poor english, i'm from Argentina, and i'm still learning :p





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Hello Morten,


I'm sorry you are missing all of these icons.  My first thought is that there is a missing or corrupted folder that would normally contain these files.  I would first look to repairing your game files or reinstalling the game(after copying your save files to another location) to get all of the game folders and have them in the proper locations.  If this does not work, then if you could load the game again and reproduce the issue and send us a copy of your output_log.txt and your save file, that would be great.  If needed, you can find instructions on how to obtain these here.  If the files are too large to attach here, please send them to me at support@obsidian.net along with your forum user name and a link to this thread to be used as a reference.

Thank you Morten, and sorry for the inconvenience this is causing.


P.S. Your English is great :)

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