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Heroic and Legendary - how many times to clear?

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I am going through my heroic clears with Kyra, Meros owl, Amri and Seoni. AD1-4 were straight forward. 5-1 was tough, as i keep meeting the hounds. 5-4 and 5-5 were very tough. Especially for 5-4, when the increase in difficulty was brought over to the closing of the locations!


Then at 6-2, oh my, what an absolute nightmare since the dice row is -2 and on a roll of 1-2, its considered zero.


So i am wondering how difficult it will be at legendary.


Question: how often does it take to replay a scenario at heroic and legendary? Is it expected to be able to clear it in 1 try with a party of 4?

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It all depends... I have played legendary through 4-5 times... and some scenarios it did take 5-10 even more? (Don`t remember anymore) retry and some did go first run. It depends a lot what wild cards you get and how is your starting hand and what heroes you do have. So the variance is Large. But both adventures Are doable in legendary difficulty. Sometimes you just get combinations that Are extremely hard!

Also some wild card combinations Are harder to some characters and not so to others and vice versa. There Are some Many possible combinations of Group size, what heroes you have, what Path did you take with upgrades, what cards you have found combined to scenario powers, wild card powers etc...

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Hannibal explained it all - sometimes, the party composition is crucial, and in Heroic or Legendary, you may sometimes need to downsize the party to 2 characters (correct characters, of course). That is how I got non-Survival unwise (= low Wisdom :) ) characters through the terrible Death zones.

My experience is: AD5-4 is crazy on Legendary and Heroic, took me uncountable amount of tries. AD6-2, AD6-4 and AD6-5 are extremely difficult.

But! Wait for the Fighter's Tale legendary playthrough - that is something even more terrifying than AD5-4 and AD6-5! It often scales by +5 difficulty per level, so Legendary kobolds (common monsters in that adventure, not henchmen or villains) are Combat ~18 instead of 8, there are straightout sub-skill checks to close some locations (i.e. not Constitution or Fortitude X, but just Fortitude X) or defeat Villains and so on.

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