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Lamppost in Winter

[Release] Enhanced synergies for multiclassed casters

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Caster classes don't have a lot of passive synergies between each other, for example, Fury Druids get bonus penetration on Druid elemental spells, but not Wizard elemental spells. This mod aims to address that, to make multiclassing caster classes more enjoyable. Passives have been reworked to apply to spells from all classes rather than just the parent class, and keywords have been added to almost every spell the player can learn.

Installation: Drop the folder in \Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\Override.

List of big changes:

  • "Deception" keywords have been added to certain spells in other classes, e.g., Confusion in the Wizard tree. Beguilers will now regain Focus when scoring hits with these spells.
  • The Empty Soul passive bonus Accuracy now applies to all spells that target Will rather than just Cipher spells.
  • Lifegiver Druids: Power Level bonuses now apply to Restoration spells as well as Rejuvenation spells. The Power Level penalty after Spiritshift still only applies to Rejuvenation spells. The Restoration keyword has also been added to healing spells that lacked it.
  • Fury Druids: Range and Penetration bonuses now apply to Fire/Frost/Electricity/Water/Wind spells from all classes, not just Druid "Elements" spells.
  • Wizard keywords: Enchanting, Evocation, Illusions, Transmutation and Conjuration keywords have been added to all spells in other classes. Wizard subclasses will receive Power Level bonuses for the corresponding spells in the other classes. They will not incur the subclass penalty for spells outside their school (for example, Transmuters won't get increased recovery time with another class' Conjuration spells or be locked out of learning Enchanting spells).

  • Compatibility: This edits nearly every spell in all classes, so it may have compatibility issues with other mods that edit abilities. This mod mainly edits theabilities.gamedatabundle, attacks.gamedatabundle files, and a few entries in statuseffects.gamedatabundle.
  • I found I couldn't really apply keywords evenly, so some classes are heavier in some keywords than others. Druids, for example, got a lot of Conjuration and Transmutation spells, whereas Priests have a lot of Enchanting spells.
  • There's definitely keywords I found I either couldn't apply to most things or didn't have many gameplay effects, like the Priest "Punishment" and "Condemnation" keywords or the Cipher "Echo" keywords. I may update these in future.
  • I may consider adding in spell-like abilities from non-caster classes, for example, some Paladin abilities, in future.
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I'm honestly surprised these synergies need to be modded in. They would have made so much sense in the base game already.


Thanks for making this!

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