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Archer ally card changes all the dice


When I attempt to recharge the archer card to assist a ranged combat check she changes the other dice to d4s. This results in a much lower chance as it changes d12s to d4s. Let me know if you need more info.

I'm running through the first stage on the second difficulty setting on a Google pixel android phone and this has happened every time I have used her so far

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Long story short, the Archer is working as intended.  Ranged is a skill, not only a type of attack.  If you don't have the ranged skill, you default to a d4, and may need to switch it back by tapping on the check type in the top middle of the screen.
From an older thread (using Merisiel as an example):

Archer is somewhat working properly.  This is one of the cases where you need to be careful and pay attention to the "roll optimizer."  


When Merisiel plays a Light Crossbow, it uses her Dexterity for the combat check: d12(dex) + d8(l.crossbow)  


When she plays an additional Archer, the game reads through the card and thinks, "ok, I think we need to switch this to a Ranged attack!"  Since Mersiel doesn't explicitly have that skill, the check changes to: d4(ranged)+d8(l.crossbow)+d4(archer)  


However, you should be able to just tap on the check type in the top-center of the screen and change it back to a dexterity roll.  From a rules-lawyering standpoint, regardless of whether or not a character has or uses the Ranged Skill, the act of playing a weapon with the Ranged Trait turns it into a Ranged Check.  The wording on the Archer card is loose enough that applies to any Ranged combat check, not just just combat checks that use the Ranged Skill.  


The creator of the tabletop game explained as much here.

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