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Can we have an insane char?

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I look at the people who make this game, I guess most people here have played Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines and I also guess that many people here think that being a malkavian is the best way to play it.


We know that we have dump options, though it irritates me a bit that you can chose if you answer dumb or not. Playing a dump char in arcanum was very funny.

With the flaw system it should be possible to get an insane char as well. Like you get this flaw when you consume too many psychodelic drugs or you are traumatized after fighting many horrible monsters.


For those who have not played VtM:B, here are some great things you could do.



- You talk really strange.

- The world looks more twisted and strange.

- You can have a discussion with a STOP sign.

- The guy in the TV talks directly to you and tells you a bad joke.

- You can convince somebody that you are her pet turtle.

- You can convince somebody that he is a frog.



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OT:  Jeezuz, not familiar with that title, so thanks, I love playing old games with better hardware, but 2004 release, hmmm.... 

Seems to be cult classic, must be mods for it then...


Edit: Still rather pricey at $20, but LOL, its part of a steam activision bundle for $904.68...

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