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Shacknews Interview with Senior Narrative Designer Megan Starks

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Here is interview with Megan Starks;


One of the things I thought was really funny. It was something like, "I'm not going to take this flaw, but..." If you get crippled in the leg a lot, you can choose to take that as a permanent injury. Then you'll limp around for the rest of the game.


That is interesting so flaws arent just a debuff you could get but an actual penalty to the gameplay mechanics. I wonder what other flaws will be like this , like your vision is impaired , you lose an arm, etc.


One of the areas I worked on is the factory where they make Borst Wurst. They're the cyst-y pigs, the genetically modified pigs that grow tumors on them and then they cut the tumors off and use those for food. And the slogan, I think is, "It's not the worst, unless it's Borst Wurst." I just find it so disgusting and wonderful.


just ewwww LOL. 

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Shacknews: What went behind the "Dumb" dialogue option? Is this out of a particular love for the Chris Pratt style of leading character who's not too bright?

Starks: That's a really good question! I should ask Tim and Leonard where the inspiration for that came from. But it's something that when they told us that they wanted to do this for the game, everybody thought it was hilarious and we just ran with it.




I would've guessed they played Fallout 1, 2, or you know, New Vegas. I suppose not. (Not to mention various old RPGs, Arcanum comes to mind, for some reason). Or at least read about them to an extend.

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