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Value of character bundles - overpriced?

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Hello, i just started with the Pathfinders adventure game, and loving it!


I have purchased the Runelord bundle at a price of $22+ dollars and found that it is worth the price.


However, for the alternate characters bundle, the pricing left me scratching my head.


Power & Prestige bundle = $45 dollars for 6 alt characters.


Rugged & refined bundle = $45 dollars for 6 alt characters.


When i added up the individual prices of the various alt characters (i.e. i purchased them one by one), i will only need to spend less than $30 dollars for the 12 alt characters.


So why is the bundle so overpriced? Does it has additional values (such as equipment cards) that i am not aware of?

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There should be no additional content in both bundles apart from the alternate characters (and base characters maybe). I tend to ignore them from principle, as the programmers made some more mistakes - chief of them that the game does not check if you already have all available character through separate purchases (or, in my case of old veteran, bought for gold coins when it was still possible).

So, *know* that I had all alternate characters (and let me tell you, they aren't adding very much from gameplay perspective) and both bundles were still listed as "available". If the collective price is higher than the individual characters combined (5 and 6, respectively), you could write an e-mail to support@obsidian.com, but there are no active developers at the moment (at least, what I *know*)

For character comparison see: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/90797-review-ratings-of-the-character-alts/?hl=%2Bshadow+%2Bmerisiel

I would recommend the "Season of the Goblins" and with some caution "The Fighter's Tale" instead, if you are interested in more interesting characters (1-2 per adventure, 4 total) and some new adventures. Caution! The Fighter's Tale has insanely difficult higher difficulties and you are advised to use heroes past the Adventure Deck 6...

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