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Hello everyone!

with the news DLC i decided to have a new full run with a custom party. I played and completed the vanilla game and then waited patiently for all dlc to come out.


I think i'm set on the watcher and a couple more adventurers.


Watcher is going to be a trickster/paladin retaliation tank, wielding whispers of the endless path.

Then i'm going to have a Priest/trobadour, healer/support and a Nalpazca/Devoted built to be an aoe killing machine.


I'm unsure about the other 2. Probably i need a debuffer(wizard | cipher/chanter?) and a single target dps guy (rogue/something?), but as i said i don't know what and how to build.


If you guys have tips i'm all ears!


ps. I'm not a big fan of summons or extreme micromanagement.

pps. going for triple crown.



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For debuff, a rogue (trickster) / cipher (beguiler) can be nice. It has survivability for triple crown and can spread mass debuff in aoe with the right weapon (AoE blunderbuss, rod blast, and some unique bow).


For 1v1, a ranger/bleakwalker is really effective right from the start if you want a ranged option (and easy to set up ia). A pure monk can be quite devastating for a melee option.

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berserker/devoted is a really great micro-free ranged dps, if u can spare the DoC armor. High pen, high accuracy, high attackspeed, and defensive buffs if needed. Becomes strong very early as well. Nearly always have one with pistols -> thundercrack pistol stun on crit effect in combination with barbaric blow is my magekiller.


For debuffs go cipher/x or singleclass for (mega)bosses.

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Dude can you provide more info on your pistoleer zerker dps? Sounds awesome.


Its really simple :p frenzy + devoted is already +4 pen at level 1. later on the accuracy from fighter and the attackspeed from barb have excellent synergy.


Relevant fighter skills:

Disciplined barrage > disciplined strikes

Fighter stances >  conquerer stance

Confident aim

Weapon specialization

Armored Grace

Weapon mastery


Relevant barbarian skills:

Frenzy > blood frenzy OR spirit frenzy > Blood storm OR Spirit tornado

barbaric blow > barbaric smash

bloody slaughter


brute force

blood thirst

Lion's sprint


General skills:

two-weapon specialization

uncanny luck

improved critical



refreshing defense / unbending trunk / stalwart defiance (provide extra defense - usually go for refreshing defense so i last longer for healer to wake up)

Clear out (can be used with morning star modal for aoe fortitude debuff -> synergy with brute force)


blood frenzy vs spirit frenzy:

stagger effect = -5 might = -10 fort = synergy with brute force. However, stagger effect = disenage -> sucks if using a persistent distraction tank and/or "per engagement" equipment.



Devil of Caroc breastplate (mechanical mind upgrade)

Thundercrack pistol + scordeo's tropy


rest optional - focus on accuracy, critchance

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