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Would Ancient's Wild Growth work on a Ranger companion/animal?

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Didn't try. Sounds plausible - but it's not a summon and the Ghost Heart's AC is a spirit. Needs testing! ;)

Tested it, it does not work. How awesome would that have been...oh well. I had such a good idea for a Beastmaster. Still I think as soon as it is live I will do a single class Nature godlike Ancient playthrough of the sort you suggested. Personally I think they should allow the companion to be affected. It would add great synergy.

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I think this doesn't work on ranger pets because it lasts forever and is balanced by the summons duration.


As it stand druids already get Nature's Balm on the same powerlevel which also does Robust but in an aoe to everyone. I'd probably rather cast that 95% of the time.


Sure wild growtth makes them a bit bigger but as far as i can tell this does not increare their power and might only be cute for having your summon clog up a a choke. But with the time investment to cast a summon and wild growth it im not sure if thats even worth it.

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