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Bug Report: Ships Reset HP/Crew


Hello :)


Issue: Enemy ships HP/Crew was reset to full.

Replication: Enter naval combat, hurt the enemy ship a few times, let the ship flee, give chase. 

Expectation: Enemy ships HP/Crew levels should have remained when re-entering combat.

Version: Latest (non-BETA/Experimental).

Game Mode: Relaxed.

Impact: Moderate-High, depending on play style I guess.


This was stated to be fixed in patch 1.11, however it happened to me last night. 

Sorry if this is the wrong section; I found a bug section but it was for beta. 


- r0ckhat




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Thank you, Wormerine. Bookmarked for future reference.  :grin:


It is a wrong section. Bugs can be reported here:

I was about to write that it is not a bug, the post your liked seems to claim otherwise. It's been working like that since the release. 




That would be a pity as it's quite disheartening to be at such a disadvantage.


Enemy ships do full repairs when they or you flee. I think it's working as intended. 





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