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I'm a 36 old dad, between work and family i got very little time to play and my favourite genre are crpg's since when i was young; I started playing on Atari ST with Cadaver (bitmap brothers) then i fell in love with Ultima Undeworld wich teached me english (i'm italian), might & magic, fallout and of course baldurs gate. I want to say thanks Obsidian, i loved poe1, but when i play deadfire it bring back to me old memories of afternoons passed playing with friends and nothing else in mind. Thank you sincerely.

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They didnt do you a favor; they sold you a product. Thank the friend that drove you to the airport not the uber driver.

What? Positivity in your Deadfire forum?! Thank God you’re here to stamp it out.


We do owe our thanks to Obsidian because they’re one of the few people making these kinds of games when we’re awash in a sea of AAA mediocrity.


Also, most people thank their Uber drivers as a courtesy...

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You're not really paying the uber driver, you're paying the uber corporation. It's common courtesy to be polite to the people you interact with, even if they're interacting with you in the process of a transaction- they're not at their job by choice and could use some pleasantness in their day

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