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Two easy Gamedata tweaks to unlock mods and reduce XP gain

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Hey folks,

So over the last few days I've been pouring over the gamedatabundles to see what I could do to play the way I want. I'm horrible at coding so I can't for the life of me so as much as I'd like to create a mod for you fine folks, I'll leave that to people with more skill than me.

What you need: 

  1. Notepad++
  2. The ability to use the search function.


The unlock mods:


  • Go to your install folder/PillarsOfEternityII_Data/exported/design/gamedata
  • The file you want to open is global.gamedatabundle, right click on it, edit with notepad++
  • Ctrl+F and find the entries with: "DisableMods": "true"
  • Change false to true
  • Save, and VOILA! You should be able to start your challenges without locking your mods
  • Note: future patches might require you to re-do this.


I recommend making a backup of the file before modifying in case you fudge something and need to repair your mistake.




  • Same as above for the path and file you're modifying
  • Ctrl+F, find: "QuestXPMultiplier"   "CombatXPMultiplier"  "ExplorationXPMultiplier"  "TrapLockXPMultiplier"
  • And modify values accordingly, I put them at 0.7, testing it out right now, seems like a decent adjustement, a completionist run will max out for sure.

​So that's it folks! Hope you enjoy! :D

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Nice. I like the multiplier idea, it's simple and if the value works it will make the end of the game more rewarding (nothing is worse than hitting an invisible wall and thus being stopped dead in your progression even if arguably you've already maxed out your character). 

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It would be great if there was a similar way to unlock Berath's Blessings with the challenges, but I can't seem to find it.

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0.95 quests 0.85 combat made me lvl 20 without having done Bekarna, Scriveners, DLCs and Ukaizo

I slightly raised it for next playthrough, it felt too low ... because simply many multiclass characters unlock most important things at lvl 19 - and some things were quite hard. Also damn drake encounter in enguitan ruins at lvl 3 was quite hell.

Ofcourse speaking potd wise.


People seem happy to level fast, so their "builds" are finally working, but imo its super boring to play rpg without progress.

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