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Any interest in starting a No Reload Challenge?

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Welcome, Vanyel54!


Please do feel free to join us in the Challenge thread! Right now, we have a small group of players from the BG No Reload community participating, with some of us effectively finding our way in a new game. We'd love to see new faces from this forum join in on the fun!   

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I am by no means a veteran, I am very new in fact! - I would call myself an avid roleplayer, even too much for my own good.

I am still experimenting on the "perfect" RP way of playing these games, that feels the best. The eternal struggle of roleplaying - powergaming - fun is something I can't balance well yet.

On the BG forums I am mostly a reader ^^ In fact I just started my very first baldur's gate playthrough recently( yes for the first time haha ) - that's why I recognized you, as I read more about the game than I played!

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