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Would "remixing" the reused Pillars 1 music be practical?

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A number of people have commented on the Pillars 1 music being closely tied to the first game.


Perhaps one solution is to "remix" the reused tracks so that they fit Deadfire's theme. (For example, replacing strings with woodwinds, changing the tempo, changing keys...)


I know nothing about music composition, so I'm not sure how much work this would be. Is this something a community member has experience in? I know that people remix famous videogame music like "Magus' theme" from Chrono Trigger...



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Huh? Pillars one music is closely tied to the first game? Yea i guess...


I mean im all for some reuse and remix but not a lot. I liked the remixed pillars song found in deadfires taverns. Remix should be a nice touch but not the whole soundtrack.

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So yes, there are couple issues with it:


Individual instruments have strengths and weaknesses - for example winds will have troubles with playing longs, sustained notes as they need to take breaths. On the other hand, string sections can keep those notes going and going. In short, instruments can’t simply exchange parts and expect the piece to work - being it techique used or range of individual instrument. For reorchestration to happen composer/orchestrator would need to sit down, and reimagine the piece and do quite a bit of re-write.


Having a new version of the track an orchestra would need to be hired again to record the music+ plus any post recording work which needs to be done (might be a bit of work, might be a lot of work - don’t know much about audio-engineering). Booking a re-cording space, booking an ensemble and orchestrating everything would take time, and be quite expensive. Adjusting tempo of a life performance would sound quite crappy and artificial. The same with transposition (changing a pitch of a piece for no reason is a bad idea anyway).


Get used to hearing the old tracks or scrap them all together, I say! Extra compositions would be welcome won’t happen, unless Obsidian is having a serious overflux of cash.

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