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[3.1] Questions about combat I am noticing




Not sure there are bugs so I am posting them as questions.


In 3.1 - I noticed while in combat:


1 - My dual weilding characters seems to attack with the same weapons multiple times in a row, I think I counted 3 times once - I am using two weapons that should be the same speed, so not sure why this was happening, any ideas?


2 - When using the Druid spell - "Taste of the Hunt" - even though I was missing my target I was still getting the healing benefits, can't remember if it was happening before, but I assume if you miss you shouldn't get the healing.


3 - I managed to get one of the Spirit/Spectre enemies in the Undercity of Neketaka to get stuck with Persistant Distraction - I am not sure the exact steps, but I was using Shadowing Beyond, went invisible, but the Spirit enemy used that ability where they teleport/take you to another part of the level - away from your companions - it still grabbed me even though I was invisible since it already targeted me, but when we landed it couldn't find me because I was invisible - lucky me, but then it had Persistant Distraction stuck on it - I wonder if it just grabbed me would it have had it stuck??


4 - Oh, I think the poison attack the Skuldr use should be a lot stronger, it would take the Undercity too another level of difficulty!!!  I am game hehehe!!!


I think that was about it will update if I keep experiencing this stuff.


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