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PoE not saving other than Auto Saves

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I recently bought PoE and have loved it, the only problem is that the game doesn't save other than the auto-saves which is extremely frustrating. I have to leave a map area in order to save which slows down game play a lot. If I use quick save or save using the menu it gives me the acceptance notification, but the saves don't show up in my saved games list. I am using a Mac. No other problems. I emailed support last week but I have yet to hear back. 


Any ideas? 

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Please have a look into your PoE directory where the savegames are stored (don't know the path on Mac). May it be that there are two directories with the same name but different larger/lower case? And in one would be your auto saves and in the other the manual saves. But the game can't loose them because of case issues (which don't matter with Windows but with Mac/Linux).


Just an idea though.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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 I've gone through that and I only have one save folder here:

Library/Containers/com.mpdigital.pillarsofeternity/Data/Library/Application\ Support/Pillars\ of\ Eternity/Saved\ Games


Within that folder is:

410beccf-8906-4127-baef-7215f5891bbf autosave_0.savegame
410beccf-8906-4127-baef-7215f5891bbf autosave_1.savegame
410beccf-8906-4127-baef-7215f5891bbf autosave_2.savegame
410beccf-8906-4127-baef-7215f5891bbf quicksave.savegame
410beccf89064127baef7215f5891bbf 7656310 Encampment.savegame
410beccf89064127baef7215f5891bbf 7681832 CilantLs.savegame
410beccf89064127baef7215f5891bbf 7682189 CilantLs.savegame
410beccf89064127baef7215f5891bbf 7719700 CilantLs.savegame
410beccf89064127baef7215f5891bbf 7804695 GildedVale.savegame
410beccf89064127baef7215f5891bbf 7876020 TempleofEothas.savegame
410beccf89064127baef7215f5891bbf 7939096 TempleofEothas.savegame
410beccf89064127baef7215f5891bbf 7983987 Esternwood.savegame
410beccf89064127baef7215f5891bbf 10039971 StormwallGorge.savegame
410beccf89064127baef7215f5891bbf 10040293 StormwallGorge.savegame
There is also a folder within called 2.0 Save Games Backup, but it is empty.
You can see some manual saves in there. If I overwrite them in PoE, they disappear in the directory. Perhaps there's another location where things are going accidentally? 
Any other ideas?
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