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[Class Build] The Empire Strikes Back (again and again)

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An Heavy Paladin with infinit heal and lightning.


I know it’s not a very original build but I don’t see one of this kind on the list ( I have a pretty similar cantor ( hellwalker/skald) run in progress).

I do the full run solo, nothing kill you (good placement is important for large cone aoe), some boss fight can be long  =>AI lightning / auto attack and watch. But you can do your solo run easily

I play it on a Palpatine/Dark sidious style, very kind and raisonable with people to get the power and LIGHTNING all his enemies !!

Herald - Goldpact Knight/ Skald
Solo : Yes POTD test full run
Version : 3.0.2

Pale elf ( what you want, but I like PER and +4AR fire/ice) + PER background)

MIG: 18 +2 BB = 20
CON: 6 + 2BB = 8
DEX: 7+ 1elf + 2 BB = 10
PER: 18 +1elf + 1 Back ground + 2 BB = 22
INT: 18+ 2 BB = 20
RES: 8+2 BB = 10

Abilities:Level 1
Lay on Hands
(Skald): Come, Come Soft Winds of Death

Level 2
Deep Faith

Level 3
Thrice Was She Wronged, and Thrice Justly Avenged

Level 4
Zealous Aura
(Skald): Weapon and Shield Style

Level 5
Divine Purpose

Level 6
Inspired Defenses

Level 7
Sworn Rival
(Skald): Ancient Memory

Level 8
(GP) /(Skald):
Bull's Will

Level 9
(GP)/(Skald ):
Bear's Fortitude

Level 10
Exalted Endurance
(Skald): Her Revenge Swept Across the Land

Level 11
Inspired Path

Level 12
Iron Gut

Level 13
Practiced Healer
(Skald): Seven nights she waited while the white winds wept

Level 14
Rapid Casting

Level 15
Uncanny Luck

Level 16
Virtuous Triumph
(Skald): Improved Critical

Level 17
Clear Head

Level 18
Mental Fortress

Level 19
Stoic Steel
(Skald): Her Tears Fell Like Rain

Level 20
Combat Focus


Weapon Mod :

Large Shield
Flail modal ( Low reflex is a must for this build)
MACE ( low AR is good sometimes )

Armor: Deltro's Cage

Weapons : Sun and Moon + Cadhu Scalth

Sun and moon is double hit ( double chance to crit and gain a phrase, if I’m not wrong)
Sun and moon modal low reflex ( good for the 2 aoe in the build)
Sun and moon at night give +2 freeze PL
Sun and moon is legendary and can be buy direclty after Port Maje

Neck: Bone Setter's Torc
Belt: The Maker's Own Power
Ring 1: Ring of Greater Regeneration/ Ring of the Solitary Wanderer
Hands: Woedica's Strangling Grasp
Cloak: Cape of the Falling Star
Head:  Fair Favor
Boots: Footprints of Ahu Taka/ Boots of the Stone)

Pet: Abraham

Food :
Crusted Swordfish

(+2 pen is important in POTD)

Athletics: MAX
Metaphysic: MAX

(Skald)ills is for the shield, but you do what you want, it’s not very important. You can take another  shield, prefer large for modal -50% for range damage or reflex ( dragon breath etc…)


 PROs :

-few management

-no consumable needed

-solid build solo since start ( thanks to paladin stacking AR + very large perma HOT)

-good aoe dps for 95% of the game



- for some bosses it’s a tiny bit long ( not high dps boss here)

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Hey, your build looks pretty good i played something similar although not solo.


Just looking through Im not sure if you just copied the wrong links but you have both weapon and shield talent and divine purpose listed twice at different levels. You can also take thrice she was wronged at level 1 allowing you to take something else at 3.


Other than that seems fun and different to the usual summons heralds. Starter island was suprisingly smooth.

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This build is very good!

I think you need to add the stratgy of the build:

- Choose Fail weapon on charecter creation.

- Attack enemy woth fail modal on - down ther reflex and then - Thrice Was She Wronged, and Thrice Justly Avenged


Also this build good on corners.


Very strong build , good work :)

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