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Because it lets you use an empowered invocation in every encounter (if you enchant it properly). It turns Empower from x/Rest to 1/Encounter AND gives you back 3 phrase points when doing so. You can pair it with Scordeo's Edge and stack quite ridiculous amounts of accuracy (it says it's capped but still isn't). Also Scordeo's can trigger Blade Cascade which is pretty awesome as well. I think that is the best setup if you want empowered invoations. Else Grave Calling + Scordeo's would be nice. Grave Calling it self does good dmg, but in addition as a Berserker you will kill your own skeletal summons while Confused. Grave Calling will proc a foe-only Chillfog each time you kill one of your own skeletons. It's a very powerful combo but even more so on Berserker/Beckoner. Should also work with Hel Beckoning, Noxious Burst and summoned Phantoms (although they take forever to be summoned).


Or Grave Calling + Sasha's or whatever combo. It's all good. 


Besides that and speaking about non-uniques: for generating many crits you want a light dual weapon setup that has +5 to ACC. Like daggers, clubs and rapiers. Clubs have another synergy for a Skald: they can lower Will by 25 which maes it very easy to land Killer Froze Stiff. That invocation will paralyze and that will lead to a 25% hit-to-crit conversion which helps the Skald again. So uniques aside a club + dagger, rapier or another club would be best. Also Monastic Unarmed Training can be good: it's fast and it has higher base damage (which is good for Carnage) and its ACC can scale pretty high with Power Level (works well if you have some means of raising PL through gear or/and ability).

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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